We offer the following services:

Nutrition during Pregnancy

- Healthy eating during pregnancy

- Gestational Diabetes

- Breastfeeding diet

- Weight loss after giving birth.

Weight Management

- Weight loss
- Weight gain
- General healthy eating
- Optifast VLCD Program

Medical Conditions

- Diabetes Mellitus type 1 and 2
- Polycystic ovary syndrome
- Cholesterol
- Irritable Bowel Disease
- Crohn’s Disease
- Ulcerative Colitis
- Constipation/Diarrhoea
- Fatty Liver (NAFLD)
- Renal Protective diet
- Renal Failure
- Kidney Stones

Online Consults Available!

Nothing is more convenient than sitting in the comfort of your own home while having a session!

Why should you try an online consultation?

There are many benefits to booking a consultation online.

1. Comfort and convenience
2. No more waiting times
3. One of the easiest and safest ways to access medical services
4. No driving or parking required
5. Online consultations make it possible for you to consult with specialists who are not nearby.
6. If you're travelling for work or for leisure, you can still make your appointments and get the health advice you need.

Take the first step towards a healthier you!

Grow your health through nutrition

Nutritional Consultations

The first consultation is usually 45minutes and consist of a one-on-one nutritional assessment and body analysis. The Dietitian will do a detailed examination of the individual’s lifestyle and eating habits to determine where changes need to be made. Important dietary guidelines will be discussed with the client and a basic diet will be compiled based on the information gathered and the individual’s personal nutritional goal.

The follow-up consultations are 20minutes and during these consults the Dietitian will monitor the progress of the client. The goals will be re-assessed and revised if needed. Research has found that follow-up appointments are essential to keep individuals motivated.

We will offer support and guidance throughout the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.